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Bulk Up Your Sticker Game With Vinyl Sticker Rolls

If you’re looking to bulk up your Sticker Game, then Vinyl sticker rolls are the perfect option for you. They are extremely durable and will last for a long time if you get them properly printed!

They are also super affordable and can be printed in a variety of different colours. This makes them a great choice for businesses who want a cost-effective way to advertise their products or services!


Vinyl stickers are a popular and affordable marketing tool for branded outdoor promotions. They can be printed in a variety of colors and can be printed on both glossy or matte laminated paper.

These adhesives are designed for outdoor and indoor signage and can be printed with latex, solvent and UV inks. They are also waterproof, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Cut-to-size bulk stickers are available in a variety of sizes from 2″ x 2″ to 17.5″ x 12″. They come in an indoor-friendly 70 lb label or waterproof 4 mil white vinyl and are scored for easy peeling.

This format is ideal for product label and business logo sticker designs that can be applied with a label dispenser. It’s also available in premium sticker paper, waterproof BOPP or elegant textured estate materials seen on wine and gourmet beverages.


Vinyl stickers are a popular choice for businesses and brands who want long-lasting and durable sticker materials. They are waterproof and scratch-resistant.

In addition, they come in different colors and are a great way to make your products stand out. They are also super affordable and easy to print.

In my experience, They can be printed on an entire roll and are ideal for promotional campaigns and seasonal marketing. Plus, they are durable and long-lasting, meaning they can be used multiple times.

These are available in both calendered and cast vinyl. Calendered vinyl is a low-cost, water-resistant option that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Cast vinyl is a durable material that’s ideal for outdoor use. It’s made from high-density, water-resistant vinyl and comes in bright, glossy colors. This material is also compatible with many printers, including inkjet and laser. It’s also easy to cut and can be printed on a variety of surfaces.


Sticker printing has come a long way, and the industry is on the rise again. Fortunately, the process has become more affordable and accessible to consumers. From the latest 3D printers to simple at-home gizmos like labeling machines and desktop inkjet printers, there is a sticker for every budget. With the right ad campaign and marketing strategy, you can turn your sticker business into a razzle-dazzle. To get the ball rolling, you need to start with a solid business plan and clear-cut goals. With these guiding principles in mind, you can focus on the details of your print and design process to turn your sticker business into a profit-making machine. For example, you need to choose your niche market and target audience, devise a strategic business plan for acquiring new customers and nurturing existing ones, and identify your competition in the marketplace before you can go head to head in the race to the bottom.


Unlike sheet stickers, wholesale vinyl sticker rolls are printed by a large-format inkjet printer onto huge rolls of coated plastic. These rolls have a specially formulated glue that allows them to paste onto smooth surfaces.

There are several kinds of printable vinyl that can be used with both inkjet and laser printers. Check your printer’s specifications to ensure that the sticker paper you choose is compatible.

You can also use a laminate to make your vinyl stickers more water-resistant and UV protected. To use a laminating sheet, press the sticky side of the over-laminate on top of your sticker sheet (adhesive side). A credit card or ruler is an easy way to apply pressure and prevent air bubbles.

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