How to Choose a Top Forex Broker

IG is an established forex broker known for providing superior services, products, platforms and customer support for traders. Furthermore, the company boasts extensive educational resources as well as exceptional education support.

Selecting a regulated broker is of vital importance, with reliable brokers prominently listing their regulator on their homepage or online regulatory body websites for verification of information provided by their brokers.


Traders should opt for a forex broker with an excellent track record. While many brokers have been accused of fraud in the past, there are some that offer reliable services and will safeguard traders’ assets. It is essential to thoroughly research each broker’s regulations and financial background prior to investing with them.

In my experience, IC Markets is an established forex broker with global reach, offering a wide variety of trading products and ranked as the largest forex broker by trade volume. Their strong commitment to research and development enables them to offer cutting-edge trading platforms and tools for analysis.

eToro is one of the leading forex brokers in the US and is regulated by numerous bodies, such as FCA (United Kingdom), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus) and GFSC (Gibraltar). Furthermore, clients have access to trading markets offering 28 currency pairs, metals, indices and stocks as an array of trading instruments.


Forex trading can be an extremely risky venture, and people often lose all their savings in this form of investment. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals choose a dependable broker.

One way to ensure the reliability of a forex broker is to make sure it is regulated by a government body, which will help prevent them from engaging in fraudulent or illegal activities as well as ensure you will get your money back if anything goes wrong with your account.

Look for a forex broker with low fees and a range of trading instruments such as currencies, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Some brokers also provide managed accounts which allow you to appoint an experienced trader as your agent – perfect for beginners as well as experienced traders alike.

Customer Service

Top forex brokers take several measures to protect the accounts of their customers. This includes segregating client funds and offering multiple channels for customer support, using encryption technologies for data protection, firewalls to protect against hackers and two-step verification for account login, etc.

Also, the best online forex brokers make it simple for traders to get started in forex trading. Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade provides traders with a free demo account as well as access to multiple trading platforms and technologies; their services can be found across 169 countries worldwide.

Consideration must also be given to the regulatory body that oversees a broker. Reputable forex brokers should indicate which regulator oversees them on their website; otherwise, do research to uncover more details. Also check registration with any forex scammer lists online before making your selection.

Trading Platform

Top forex brokers provide multiple trading platforms tailored specifically for different types of traders, as well as access to research, data, and commentary to support clients. Furthermore, the best brokers also offer 24/7 customer service through chat, email or phone; how quickly you receive a response can be an indicator of quality service delivery.

Considerations should also be given to how well their platform enables technical analysis and charting, with some brokers offering proprietary software while others partnering with third-party providers. MetaTrader, used by most major forex brokers, is the go-to platform. Available across desktop computers, mobile apps and trading services with some web presence; its 21 timeframes feature 11 types of minute charts and 7 kinds of hourly charts for convenient trading. This platform supports buy-stop, sell-stop, buy-limit and sell-limit orders as well as several top-tier regulators from around the world such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Financial Conduct Authority in UK (FCA), CySEC in Cyprus.

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