LPR Parking Solutions

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Parking Solutions

License plate recognition (LPR) systems are a popular vehicle access control solution for parking lots, garages and gated communities. These solutions use advanced camera systems to scan and read license plates for automated entry.

The system eliminates the need for ticket dispensing machines and barriers, reducing cost and time to manage. Moreover, it makes enforcing parking rules easier, as each vehicle is logged and the system knows when they leave the lot.

No tickets to keep track of

Keeping track of tickets is a frequent pain point for parkers. This can lead to lost ticket fees and frustration.

However, with lpr parking solutions, there are no tickets to keep track of because users are tracked by their license plate number.

The vehicle license plate is scanned at entry and exit so that the operator knows who has entered and left the facility.

In my experience, This information helps parking managers monitor access rules and ensure that only paid and authorized vehicles enter and leave their facilities.

This helps them make strategic decisions regarding pricing and patrolling. It also ensures that they are able to provide their customers with the best possible parking experience.

No tickets to swap

A modern-day parking garage or lot can’t help but get a fair share of patrons, many of which are in the pay-to-park throng. Thankfully, parking systems of all types and sizes can take advantage of a number of innovative technologies to help keep occupants and assets safe and on campus for longer. From lpr technology to smart sensors and beyond, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. The best ones all come with a rockstar customer support team to match. The most impressive of all is Revel – our customer satisfaction rate of 95% speaks for itself.

Enhanced security

LPR solutions are a popular choice for parking lot access control. They monitor incoming traffic and automate entry for registered vehicles only.

The system can be used in gated communities, student housing, and employee parking garages. Its cameras help deter crime by monitoring unauthorized cars entering the property or taking over parking spots assigned to students.

These systems also automatically assess compliance and issue fines or warnings. This helps reduce the number of unauthorized users attempting to park in the lot and increases revenues for a property.

100% touchless and contactless entry

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is revolutionizing city parking for parkers and property managers. This tech uses advanced camera systems to read and validate the sequence of numbers and letters on a car’s license plate, using AI and advanced analytics.

This technology has been used for years by law enforcement to automate ticketing but is also transforming commercial parking management.

LPR solutions greatly simplify parking management and free up parking attendants to work on other tasks, reducing entry/exit times and improving security. With a system that automatically tracks and logs every vehicle that enters or exits, parking managers can quickly identify vehicles that violate their rules.

Streamlined parking entry and exit

The streamlined parking entry and exit feature with lpr parking solutions eliminates the need for ticket dispensers or barriers, which improves efficiency, reduces time spent on reprocessing tickets, and increases user satisfaction.

With a fixed in-lane LPR camera installed at each gate, vehicles are authorized for entry when their license plate is read and recorded.

Once the customer pays at one of the pay stations, their entry and exit times are stored in a system that tracks and manages access and revenue control.

LPR technology also helps manage enforcement and citations by providing real-time data about permits, reservations, and vehicle qualifications to law enforcement personnel. This enables them to quickly verify and process permits, reservations, and violations while keeping traffic moving and eliminating bottlenecks at the gates.

No need to find a pay station

License plate recognition (LPR) parking solutions eliminate the need to find a pay station by using your vehicle’s license plate to generate a virtual permit. This makes it easy for parkers to pay for parking via their mobile device.

LPR technology also allows you to accurately calculate fees and realize revenue from vehicles as they enter your parking facility or garage. This data can be used to improve parking operations by making more intelligent decisions about rate structures and marketing strategies.

LPR solutions are the ideal choice for long-term parking facilities, as they offer frictionless access for both transient and monthly parkers. They also reduce traffic buildup by allowing entry as soon as authorized vehicles pull up to the entrance.

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