Things To Consider Before Buying Slot Car Tracks

Slot car racing has been around for a long time now, but it is an activity that requires a lot of space and maintenance. So, when you want to buy slot car tracks for yourself, you must remember some essential things first. While making your next slot car track purchase, the following are some key points to consider.

Size of tracks

If you live in a small house or apartment and want to show off your cars, buy one recommended for smaller spaces only. You will not get the best performance from a large track. You should go for at least 5 ft in length for outdoor tracks.

Track’s uses

Do you want a track for playing with your kids or an addition to your car collection? If so, consider buying a model that is not too large and has several turns; usually an oval. Additionally, if you do not plan to keep your cars indoors, then buy one with a non-skid base. Many types of car tracks are available such as straight, curved, hairpin, infinity, chicane, criss-cross, etc.


You must consider the material of the track when purchasing it. Plastic is excellent for indoor and outdoor purposes as it is light and durable.


As you will invest some decent cash, it is better to opt for a brand that will give you good value for your money. You can get high-quality slot car tracks at discounted rates if you do some research. So, look around and compare before making your final purchase.

Good grip

Consider a track with a good grip if you want to run your cars outside. The best ones should incorporate safety rails and a non-skid base so your car will not skid off or fall with the slightest pressure. Autonomous vehicle insurance


The lack of safety rails on tracks makes them hard and dangerous when the power starts flowing, which is why many people avoid them. However, it is important to remember something, tracks with safety rails are heavy, which equals fewer turns for a car to make. So, it is better to opt for a model with a lighter weight.

Brand name and reputation

You can get good products at a reasonable price by opting for a trusted brand. Just do thorough research before buying a track. You will have something durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Availability of accessories

If you want to add more value to your track, then look for ones that come with accessories such as add-on kits and mini tracks. This way, you can make the car race more fun and versatile. Make sure your chosen model is compatible with other sets so that it can be used together with the complementary parts.


There are various other things to consider when buying your slot car track, but these points mentioned above can significantly help shortlist the best one for you. In addition, you should remember to buy a durable and all-season model if you plan to drive it outside. Hence, go for high-quality plastic material and parts if you want something more durable.

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