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Top Cable Companies

The cable industry has enjoyed a run of solid growth in recent years. But it’s facing heightened expectations and some tougher long-term challenges.

The challenge for cablecos is to double down on some of their key areas while preparing for potential threats in other markets. Among them are smart-home leaders and the transformation of large enterprises to digital-first businesses.

1. AT&T

AT&T is one of the top cable companies in the country, offering both wireline and wireless services. It is a great choice for customers who are looking for fast speeds, fair prices, and excellent fiber-optic performance.

AT&T also offers a wide range of TV channels and is the largest provider of digital television service in the US. Its U-verse service is a popular choice among consumers, especially for its large selection of channels and low $35 activation fee.

AT&T has a recognizable name that has helped it sell “bundles” of local and long-distance calling, wireless service, and Internet access. It has been implementing this strategy since 1994.

2. Comcast

Comcast is a global media and technology corporation with two primary businesses, cable, and internet. It serves millions of customers across the United States, delivering digital video, high-speed data, and phone services under its XFINITY brand.

In my experience, The company has made a series of acquisitions in order to improve its operations and expand its customer base. Some of these include NBCUniversal, AT&T Broadband, Sky, and DreamWorks Animation.

Comcast is known for providing excellent service and is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. It is also one of the top cable companies in terms of employee satisfaction. Its employees report a great work culture and receive many benefits and incentives.

3. Altice USA

Altice USA provides broadband, pay television, telephony, and proprietary content services. Its brands include Optimum, Suddenlink, Lightpath, a4 Advertising, News 12 Networks, and Cheddar News.

The company also offers hyper-local, national, and international news through its News 12, i24NEWS, and Cheddar networks. The company’s advanced advertising and data business, a4, offers audience-based, multiscreen campaigns.

Traders are speculating that Comcast (CMCSA) could be interested in buying Altice after the company revamped its leadership with a slew of former executives from the cable giant. New Street Research analyst Blair Levin said in a note to investors that a deal would likely pass regulatory approval, depending on the political administration.

4. Frontier Communications

Frontier is a US telecommunications operator offering telephone communication (local, long distance, digital), broadband internet (wireless and fiber optic), and television services. It serves customers in 29 states and employs around 22,000 people.

In addition to the purchase of copper lines from Verizon, over time Frontier also acquired the fiber-optic system built by Verizon primarily in Fort Wayne, Indiana, around Portland, Oregon, the Tampa Bay area of Florida, southern California, some eastern suburbs of Seattle, Washington, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

In most markets, Frontier Fiber service operates on the same technology and software as the Verizon FiOS system and carries its licenses. However, the company has re-branded it under its own name.

5. Cox Communications

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable companies in the United States. It offers a variety of residential and business services, including TV, Internet, and phone.

Cox is available in many parts of the country, including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

Cox provides high-speed home internet through a cable. It offers several different plans that vary by speed and add-ons. It also has a Gigablast plan that reaches up to 1 Gbps download speeds.

6. Mediacom

Mediacom focuses on small markets that the larger cable companies don’t serve. The company offers digital TV, high-speed Internet, and phone services.

It also provides home security and automation systems, a feature that’s particularly useful for internet servicepeople living in rural areas. The company is also experimenting with wireless internet service, which may be especially advantageous for customers in areas where wired service is expensive or unavailable.

As of 2023, Mediacom had a total of about 1.5 million subscribers in 23 states. The company operates about 2,100 cable systems.

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