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Choosing the Right Turnstile Equipment for Your Project

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires you to consider various factors. These include your budget, customization requirements, and fail-safe operation.

Turnstiles are physical access control solutions that improve security and integrate easily with facility access control and visitor management systems. Whether you are a business owner, security architect, or system integrator, it is important to choose a turnstile manufacturer that meets your needs.


Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires a few things to consider, such as your budget and end goal. It may also include whether the facility is ADA-compliant or requires handicapped access.

In my experience, an ADA-compliant gate might be required for schools and hospitals that require wheelchair access to facilities. The reader and additional access control devices needed for these types of locations should be mounted 27 to 48 inches from the ground so that users can easily use a wheelchair to enter and exit the building.

Turnstile security solutions are a versatile and affordable option for organizations looking to manage crowds, regulate entry and strengthen overall security. They are commonly found in commercial buildings, office spaces, and public places like malls, museums, hotels, and amusement parks.


Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires attention to detail and a willingness to be proactive. This includes understanding the customization options that can be used to create a solution that meets your needs.

Turnstiles are a great way to improve security and integrate with facility access control and visitor management systems. They also improve ADA accessibility, which allows people with special needs to gain access to areas.

The right turnstile for your project can be customized to meet your specific requirements and budget. From locks on entry and exit to bidirectional turnstile mechanisms to additional options that can help keep your project running smoothly, it’s important to consider all of the customization details before making a purchase.

Customized shock absorbers are an integral part of the design process for pedestrian turnstiles, as they allow the mechanism to dampen the rotational movement while operating in harsh, high-cycle rate environments. Enidine small-bore and mid-bore series shock absorbers are specifically engineered to meet the requirements of these conditions, providing long-lasting operation.

Fail-Safe Operation

Choosing the right turnstile equipment for your project requires knowing what your goals are and what budget you have to work with. This will make it much easier to pick the best turnstile for your facility and its needs.

Turnstiles are a powerful tool to control large crowds and keep your facility safe. However, not all turnstiles are created equal.

A reputable turnstile company will offer multiple types of turnstile models that are suitable for different types of buildings. Some will also be able to integrate with a building’s access control system for added security measures.

When selecting a turnstile, it’s important to consider how it will function in the event of a power outage. Some models will automatically unlock when power is cut, allowing people to pass freely, while others may lock.


Turnstile Equipment is a great solution for pedestrian access control and entrance security. They allow one person at a time to pass through the gate, controlling the flow of people and restricting entry to unauthorized individuals.

In addition, turnstiles have a number of features that make them effective at preventing crime. For example, they can be equipped with a variety of security technologies, including proximity card readers, biometric scanners, and coin acceptors.

Depending on the specific turnstiles being purchased, there are several warranty options available. Look for a manufacturer that provides at least an 18-month warranty and low maintenance costs.

Before selecting turnstiles, contractors should determine if the equipment will need to be assembled on-site or shipped fully assembled. This information can help save time and resources during installation.

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