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Everything You Need to Know About Using RX Discount Cards

RX Discount Cards: You’ve probably heard a lot about prescription-discount cards, as they seem all the rage these days. The goal is to help people save money on their monthly medications as the cost continues to skyrocket. Rather than going through your insurance company, you can get a significant discount on paying for your meds in cash. Here are some things you need to know about these cards.

Not All Prescription Savings Cards Are Created Equal

These discount cards have become so popular that the number of programs and offers has increased substantially. Sure, the cards are stacking up, but you need to know the right one to use based on the benefits it can provide. It’s estimated that there are 500 different savings cards to choose from, so you want to ensure you get the one that best suits your needs.

Like most things in life, prescription discount cards are not the same, and the benefits and the prices you’ll pay for your medications will vary greatly. Check the insurance and cash prices, then compare them to a discount program to see where you’ll save the most.

You Can’t Use These with Your Insurance

Many people think that they can combine their Rx cards with their insurance to get a better price. Sadly, you cannot combine the two as they work independently. Your pharmacy is negotiating a deal with your insurance company for the costs they will charge its members.

So, you may have a $20 copay for generics and a $30 copay for name-brand drugs, and you can’t add the prescription card on top of this to save more. In my experience, these cards are geared toward people without insurance or who need to get a price that’s way better than their negotiated rates. There are medications that your insurance company won’t cover, and some drugs will be higher as they’re not considered a “preferred medication.”

Why Are Prescription Discount Cards So Popular?

As the prices of insurance coverage and prescription medications continue to rise, more people are slipping through the cracks. These people may not have insurance because of a job loss, or they can’t afford the outrageous premiums. Then, other folks have coverage, but it’s not sufficient.

Did you know that a study found that consumers paid an overage of prescriptions of $135 million in a six-month period? It’s ironic when you think you could get a better price by using a discount card than with the insurance company you pay to bring you the best deal. So, these cards have become very popular, as insurance doesn’t always give you the best cost.

Finding the Best Card for Your Needs

While these discount cards can undoubtedly save you money, you need to ensure that the card can be used at your regular pharmacy. You may need to switch to another pharmacy or go from a name-brand drug to a generic one to get the best deal. Don’t fall for the big-named cards that do the most advertising; some better ones don’t spend as much but save you more money.

You want to choose a legit company with good reviews that can offer you the best prices. So, you will need to do some research before using the discount card. It’s always best to compare prices at your local pharmacies before using any discounts. Find out where you’re starting so you can see which one will be the best deal for you.

Most reputable discount cards have a website that gives you their guidelines and the pharmacies that will take their card. Skipping insurance is a viable option for your medications since it can save you a lot of money, but you need to make some price comparisons first.

Bottom Line

Don’t be afraid to talk to your pharmacist about prescription drug discount cards, as they have a wealth of knowledge about ways to save money. You can’t trust the price you get from your insurance company is the best, as there are always other options. By researching, you can find a prescription discount card that will save you money while getting the medications you need.

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