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Eliminate These 5 Bad Habits to Succeed at Work

Many talented employees usually dread going to work. They prefer laying on the couch all day, making the most out of their Spectrum mobile com plans instead. But isn’t it bizarre that the work they once wanted to succeed at has now become something they run from? So, what’s stopping these once-passionate people from reaching the heights of success? The answer is not lack of talent or workplace bias; it’s bad habits!

It’s a well-known fact that an unhealthy and negative lifestyle ruins a person’s personal growth. But here’s one fact not many people know: it also ruins their professional careers. The following are some of the habits that stop talented individuals from achieving success!

#1. Lack of Communication

Not communicating with colleagues and employers is one of the biggest obstacles between a person and their success. A straightforward example is when employees are overburdened with work, yet they fail to communicate to their employers that they have no empty slots on the schedule left. This lack of communication not only burdens them but also reduces the quality of the outcome. As a result, it hurts their professional reputation in the work environment and stops them from growing.

Solution: Improve Communication 

Employees should communicate their needs and opinions appropriately. Whether they need a break, are not available for a specific task, or want something done in a particular way, they should communicate it effectively. If they are nervous about doing it face to face, opt for emails, messaging, and other digital forms of communication.

#2. Too Many Breaks

Occasional medical, recreational, and other leaves from work are an employee’s rights. However, if the breaks last too long and become too frequent, the resultant impression is not good. It seems as though the employee is not a hard worker and runs from responsibilities. When authorities notice this, which they eventually do, they hesitate to promote or give bigger responsibilities to the employee.

Solution: Be Focused

While medical leaves are not in anyone’s control, one can avoid other unnecessary breaks. Drinking water and wearing noise-blocking headphones can help employees who get distracted very easily. As for recreational breaks, minimize these trips to once or twice a year.

#3. Disorganization

Being disorganized in a work environment not only stops employees from being successful but also gets them fired! Disorganized people can easily miss important meetings, details, and deadlines. Furthermore, they lag behind coworkers in collaborative projects and fail to deliver the required outcome to their employers. Here are some signs an employee is disorganized:

  • Cluttered workspace
  • No system of daily or weekly planning
  • Late and unprepared in meetings

Solution: Create Systems 

Start with the work desk: remove the mess and clutter on the desk and create a system for all the files and documents. Plus, start planning on a daily or weekly basis.

#4. Negativity

One of the most important aspects of a successful worker is their attitude towards work. A negative attitude leads to negative emotions, which reduce the enthusiasm and effort one puts into daily tasks. Here’s how to know if somebody has a negative attitude:

  • They’re always complaining.
  • When working with them, everybody feels unhappy.
  • They’re always looking for something to be upset about.

Solution: Positive Mindset

Getting proper help (from therapists and counselors) can help identify the underlying issue. Other than that, including more positive tasks and habits in daily life, can also bring a better chance. For example, smile more and shift from complaining to a constructive mindset.

#5. Laziness

Laziness kills productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace. The worst part is that it’s destructive and gets worse with time. It will start with something simple, like getting out of bed 10 minutes late. As it progresses, employees will find themselves submitting tasks after the deadline and not completing work as asked. Eventually, it starts hurting their professional reputation and also leads to feeling negative in the workplace. Together, these things can be detrimental to growth and success.

Solution: Exercise

For people who can’t go to the gym five times a week, even mild stretching two times a day can help them feel more productive. When they move their muscles, blood starts flowing faster, making them feel more energetic and improving their productivity levels. Moreover, exercising the mind is just as important as the body. For example, having healthy debates and discussions, listening to intellectual content, and solving riddles and puzzles stimulate the brain muscles.


Old habits may die hard, but they are not impossible to fix. Leading a better lifestyle is incredibly important for one’s personal growth, but only a few realize how important it is for their professional life. Eliminating these five habits and implementing the solutions will help talented and determined employees get the success they deserve!

Steven Barron

Steven Barron

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