Jasmine Varieties That You Must Know

Jasmine Varieties That You Must Know

Undoubtedly, Jasmine is assessed divine by the people residing in India and possesses powerful sacred significance in the civilization. It is considered a reminder of spiritual desire, good luck, and positiveness. Alongside this, various types of jasmine are provided the dignity of being the national flower in many countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Pakistan, as it exemplifies admiration, love, and attachment to the nation. In today’s article, we will talk about the different types of jasmine flowers.

  • Winter jasmine:

Winter jasmine or Jasminum nudiflorum is one of the jasmine varieties with shrubs that extend 4 feet broad and 7 feet tall. A truly extraordinary fact about winter jasmine is that irrespective of other jasmine assortments that tend to retain white blossoms, this category creates bright yellow blossoms. Nonetheless, these jasmines are barely aromatic. Winter jasmines are a common alternative for the off-season because they flourish in late winter and give rise to the liveliness in the garden when limited flowers are blooming. This jasmine is excellent for thriving along wall boundaries or races and trellises. It can also be utilized to offer ground cover against soil deterioration if it thrives in huge patches near slopes and edges.

  • Star Jasmine:

Trachelospermum jasminoides, or Star Jasmine, as they are technically known, are very tiny in size (approximately less than 20 inches), blended with thick foliage, making them excellent for surface cover. It carries aromatic white blooms from late winter to timely summer. Well, you don’t need any special occasion to offer flowers to your close ones. You can send flowers online anytime you wish through an online flower delivery service and get them delivered to the doorstep immediately.

  • The common jasmine:

It is the most popularly thrived jasmine on the planet. It is a rapid-growing partially-evergreen or deciduous gliding vine. It has beautiful fresh white blossoms. Other terms for common jasmine are summer jasmine, white jasmine, and poet’s jasmine. Popularly, common jasmine starts flourishing in late spring and begins again until autumn. The blooms on the plant thrive in batches, and each gorgeous bloom has five petals. These assortments carry aromatic white blossoms about 1″ (2.5 cm) broad in size.

  • Fascinating Showy jasmine:

This variety is a wonderful yellow color rather than the more widespread white ones. The blossoms rise on a rapidly growing plant, reaching a height of four feet. As with maximum jasmine, the impressive jasmine flowers expect full daylight. These blossoms can arise all through spring and summer. And when you get to witness such beautiful blooms, you wish to offer them to your loved ones. Isn’t it? Opt for the online flower delivery services and get amazing flower options. You can also send gifts online alongside beautiful bouquets and impress your close ones.

  • Attractive Night blooming jasmine:

It is a member of the family of the nightshade. It is found in the regions of the West Indies and tropical America. This flower-bearing plant has beautiful, oval-patterned leaves and bundles of tiny, faded white blossoms with wonderful green leaves that arise each year from spring to autumn. These Jasmine that blooms at night thrives best in bright sunlight and well-drained land. This blossom has a very powerful aroma and is particularly influential at night. Its fragrance is strong enough to induce a serious allergic consequence in some people. It has glossy smooth leaves about 8 to 4 inches lengthy. This jasmine is somewhat easy to look after but expects additional attention in frigid environments.

  • Pretty Pink jasmine:

The multi-flowered jasmine pink jasmine is a stunning Chinese variety with colorful flowers. The buds are pinkish purple, towards magenta. Nonetheless, when the blossoms open, they appear as white. But they maintain a faded pink under shade. This makes them remarkable and different. Nonessential, but the multitude of flowers are very aromatic and intoxicating extremely! It is a powerful, evergreen vine. It thrives moderately soon and is popular as an indoor plant in the United States and Europe.

  • Angel Wing Jasmine:

Angel Wing Jasmine is occasionally named Shining Jasmine, Pinwheel Jasmine, or Star Jasmine. It is a surging vine with uniquely formed white blossoms. The polished white petals of these two-inch blossoms reflect a pinwheel or starburst, though they have the same unique aroma as familiar jasmine blossoms.

Information about Jasmine

  • Jasmine shrubs rise 10-15 feet in length, thriving about 12-24 inches yearly.
  • Jasmine leaves are either deciduous or evergreen.
  • In maximum species, a jasmine leaf is organized contrary. The leaf pattern is natural, with 5–9 leaflets, each up to two and a half inches.
  • Jasmine blossom oil taken out from two species, grandiflorum and Jasminum officinale, is used in several fragrances and cosmetics, such as oils, soaps, creams, and shampoos.


These are some of the varieties that you should know about Jasmine. Jasmine bouquets are beautifully arranged and can be offered on a special occasions.

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