Role of Dreams in Islamic Spirituality

Understanding Dream Symbols in Islamic Interpretation – A Guide for Beginner

Dreams hold a prominent place in Islamic belief. They are considered one of the ways that Allah communicates with humans.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught that dreams should be interpreted by a qualified religious scholar. He also encouraged believers to relate their dreams and seek guidance from Allah.

The prophets and scholars have categorised dreams into types. Those that are glad tidings take a long time to happen while those that are warnings occur swiftly.


Dogs are common symbols in Islamic dreams. In my experience, They can symbolize protection, loyalty, and intuition. They can also represent danger and betrayal. Dreaming of a dog attack can be interpreted as a warning to stay away from those who are evil and plotting against you.

According to Ibn Sirin, seeing a black dog in your dream could indicate that there are hypocritical people surrounding you. A single woman who dreams of being bitten by a dog might suffer from harm from those whom she does not suspect. The bite or scratch may cause her pain or even physical illness.


Babies as dream symbols in Islamic interpretation signify fertility, abundance, and protection. They can also symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts. Common symbols in dreams involving babies include their laughing, crying, and smiling.

A dream about a baby can symbolize your own child or someone else’s child. A baby can also be a symbol of love and affection.

Muslims believe that dreams are a form of divine revelation from Allah and should be interpreted for guidance and insight. Muslim scholars have developed a system of dream interpretation called oneiromancy, which is based on the Qur’an and other sources.


According to muslim author Ibn Sirin rHm lyh lyh, seeing yourself riding on a horse in a dream is a sign of gaining respect and excellence. It also means that you will be doing something amazing that people will be amazed by.

Moreover, dreaming of a snake with horns means that you will be dealing with people in high positions who may have an aggressive attitude or are not reliable. Also, this dream symbolises your desire to eliminate the toxic people around you.

The horse is a domesticated, one-toed mammal from the genus Equus that is the largest extant species in the family Equidae. It is an intelligent, strong, fast-moving animal that has evolved from small multi-toed animals to the single-toed creature I see today.


Laughing is an instinctive behavior that appears in many dreams. It may be a sign that one is dealing with a volatile situation, or it can indicate the presence of people who are not to be trusted.

Dreaming of having snakes as pets suggests that you are in a touchy or risky situation. If a snake is cooked in the dream, it signifies money or happiness. If it is uncooked, it means slandering an adversary.

According to Ibn Sirin, seeing a snake swallowing someone in the dream suggests that you will reach a very high rank. On the other hand, if you dream of killing snakes, it suggests that you will overcome resentments and disagreements with certain people in your life.


Crying in a dream can symbolize your feelings about a particular circumstance. It can also be a warning that you are about to experience a difficult time in your life.

In Islam, dreams are often seen as signs of good or bad things to come. According to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), people should share their dreams with only those they trust.

Dreams involving babies often represent the dreamer’s spiritual growth and potential. They can also symbolize fertility or a new beginning. Dreams involving horses can symbolize your ability to use your strengths and talents.


In dreams, smiling usually represents happiness and joy. It can also symbolize a good time ahead or a pleasant experience. Alternatively, it can represent sadness and grief. It is best not to make major decisions based on the interpretation of a dream.

In Islam, dreams are considered messages from God. Dreams can relate to a person’s actions, the environment, or their state of mind. They can be a warning, a reminder, or a sign of good fortune. The following are some of the most common symbols in Islamic dream interpretation: Laughing, crying, and smiling.


Dreams about birth symbolize new beginnings, growth, and potential. They can also indicate a desire for change or a period of transition.

Dreaming of a snake attacking you means that you will encounter challenges or difficulties in your personal life. This could include someone saying harsh or unpleasant things about your integrity or reputation.

Dream interpretation is an art and can vary based on the individual’s beliefs and experiences. It is always advisable to seek guidance from a religious scholar when interpreting dreams. It is also important to remember that dreams may not necessarily come true.

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