The Most Beautiful Bettas On Earth: 5 Tips for The Perfect care


Beautiful Betta fish are as rare as pandas. There are so many Bettas out there with less-than-appealing features. But some of them look almost like works of art. These are the most beautiful bettas on earth. Let’s have a look at what these lucky bettas have that others don’t, and how I can replicate their beauty in our own home. The first thing to know is that you need to understand their needs and provide a suitable environment for them if you want to keep Bettas as pets. They aren’t as hardy as goldfish and other common aquarium pets, but they are engaging pets any time of day. Read on for some tips on how to keep and beta fish care so that you can enjoy its beauty every day.

Beautiful Bettas start with beautiful betta bowls

People often keep their bettas in a bowl of water, but this isn’t an ideal setup. Bettas are labyrinth fish, which means they can breathe atmospheric air through their fins. They’re also very active swimmers, and the small bowl doesn’t give them enough room to swim or even to use their fins properly. In my experience, Betta bowls provide insufficient oxygen for the betta’s needs, and the betta gets stressed out from constantly trying to get oxygen. It can be fatal. A betta bowl is also a terrible environment for the betta’s microbiome. The fewer bacteria and other helpful organisms in the water, the more the betta’s immune system is taxed.

The benefits of a Betta aquarium kit

A Betta aquarium kit can be a great investment in the long term. While you might spend a bit more at first, you get a better, healthier environment for your betta and all the other aquatic life you keep. A kit can also help you learn more about the fish and how to care for it so that you can keep your fish happy and healthy for longer. A Betta aquarium kit provides a bigger, better environment for the betta, with a heater and filter to keep the water clean. A proper aquarium also provides the right amount of lighting, which mimics the natural daylight that bettas are used to in the wild.

Provide a diet of live and frozen food

You might have heard that bettas are vegetarian and that they eat duckweed. This isn’t exactly true. They also enjoy a few tasty mosquito larvae now and then. A betta’s natural diet consists of insects and other small animals. It isn’t particularly interested in plants, and it isn’t meant to eat plants. Keep your betta’s diet varied and full of protein. This will help it stay healthy and strong. You can feed your betta a variety of different foods. Crickets, mealworms, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp are all good options. You can also give your betta a treat from time to time to keep it happy and healthy.

Heating is key to gorgeous bettas

As I mentioned above, bettas are tropical fish. They prefer warm water, preferably around 25 degrees Celsius. Your aquarium heater should be set to this temperature to give your betta the warmth and comfort it needs. If the water temperature is too low, your betta won’t be able to regulate its temperature properly. It might even end up getting sick or dying. A Betta aquarium kit usually comes with everything you need to keep the water warm and your betta healthy.

Lighting is important too

Bettas are tropical fish, but they also come from areas where there isn’t a lot of natural daylight. If you want to keep your betta happy and healthy, you need to mimic the natural daylight in your aquarium. You can buy a Betta aquarium kit that includes a daylight bulb. Or, you can choose to use a plant light instead. No matter what light you use, make sure it is positioned above your aquarium so that your betta can benefit from it. LED lights are generally safe for fish keeping, but some can be harmful to your betta. Make sure you are choosing the correct ones for bettas.

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