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Texas Registered Agent For Your Business

Every business, LLC or nonprofit that is formed in Texas is required to have a registered agent on their formation documents. The registered agent is responsible for receiving legal notices on behalf of the business or organization, such as service of process and government correspondence.

Using a professional Texas registered agent ensures that your company is always in compliance with the law and receives important paperwork in a timely fashion. Plus, many Texas registered agent services also offer online storage and compliance monitoring.


Every business entity that operates in Texas (LLC, corporation, LLP, or LP) is required to designate a registered agent by law. This person or company is responsible for accepting official state documents and mail on behalf of your company, and also receiving service of process when needed.

In my experience, In Texas, a registered agent must have a physical address in the state at which they can receive service of process. This address cannot be a PO Box or a virtual address, but it can be a home or business address.

It is a requirement for your Texas registered agent to be available at that address during regular business hours. This is very important, because a registered agent can be used to serve legal documents like summons, subpoenas and lawsuit papers on your behalf.

You can choose to appoint your own registered agent or hire a registered agent service. Choosing the right Texas registered agent will keep your personal details safe and help your company stay in compliance with state laws.


Having a registered agent helps your business stay organized and avoid penalties. It also ensures you receive official documents like service of process on time.

In Texas, every LLC and corporation must designate a registered agent under Business Organizations Code 5.200. A registered agent must have a physical address in the state and be available during regular business hours.

Some businesses choose to act as their own registered agents while others use a professional registered agent service. This is generally the best choice for most companies, as it provides a number of benefits.

A good registered agent will be able to accept and scan documents that you’ll need to submit to the state and will notify you immediately of any important documents. They will also provide you with compliance reminders to make sure you’re always staying on top of Texas filing requirements.


Texas registered agents are the formal addressee for service of process, legal documents and official correspondence from the state of Texas. They also accept official notices from the state and verify that all filing requirements have been met.

A Texas registered agent can be an individual or a company. They must have a physical address in Texas and be available during normal business hours.

While you can serve as your own registered agent, it is a good idea to hire a registered agent service instead. They offer a number of benefits, including reduced risk and increased privacy and flexibility.

Cost: Using a commercial registered agent service will typically cost you around $150 per year, which is much less than the fees you could face by serving as your own registered agent.

Having a commercial registered agent is essential for small businesses, as it reduces your risk and saves you time and money. They also keep your business compliant with the state and store your documents online.

Choosing a Registered Agent

Every business entity formed in Texas must designate a registered agent. This is a vital role that ensures crucial documents are received and delivered to the right person.

A Texas registered agent can be an individual or a company. They are responsible for receiving legal mail (service of process) and state notices on behalf of a business.

They also have to be available during normal business hours. It’s important to choose a registered agent that’s professional and reliable.

There are many different companies that offer registered agent services in the state of Texas. These can vary in cost depending on the services they provide. Some are more affordable than others, and some even offer worry-free compliance to help you file annual reports and franchise tax.

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