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Tips to Select a Texas Registered Agent

A Texas registered agent is an individual or business that receives lawsuits, service of process and other legal documents on behalf of a company. They must be a resident of Texas.

You can act as your own Texas registered agent, but this requires you to be available at your home address during business hours to sign for legal mail. Many choose a professional registered agent company for privacy reasons and convenience.

Check for Better Business Bureau Accreditation

When choosing a Texas Registered Agent, you want to make sure they’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau. That way, you know that they will treat your information with care and respect. You also want to make sure they have an easy sign-up process and a computer system that’s simple enough to navigate.

A person or company designated as a Texas registered agent must consent to serve in this role and provide a street address in the state of Texas. This individual or company should be willing to accept service of process, legal mail and other notifications on behalf of the business entity that hired them.

If you’re looking for a Texas registered agent that provides premium services, try ZenBusiness. They have an impressive online reputation, affordable prices and a top-notch customer support team. They also have offices in all 50 states so they can grow with your business. This makes them my number one choice for a Texas registered agent.

Check for Online Reputation

A good registered agent service will help your business stay in compliance with state requirements. They will send you compliance reminders and assist you with filing annual reports and franchise tax. This will save you money and hassle down the road.

A Texas registered agent is a person or company who receives service of process and official state correspondence on behalf of a business entity. They must have a physical address in Texas and be available during business hours to sign for these documents. If your corporation fails to have a valid Texas Registered Agent on file, the state could revoke its standing and apply additional fees.

Most registered agents will charge a fee for their services. In my experience, there are also premium registered agents that will provide more extensive services for an extra cost. For example, ZenBusiness offers a street address in Texas, mail forwarding, immediate notification of service, scanned documents with online access, and help with LLC formation for $199 a year.

Check for Pricing

A Texas Registered Agent is a person or business that can receive legal documents (service of process) and official mail like tax notices on behalf of a company. This is an important part of your company’s compliance with the state and helps you avoid losing any lawsuit judgments against your business.

When deciding on a Texas Registered Agent I looked for a streamlined, automated process that was easy to use. If a company had a simple computer system that made it easy to get things done they got higher rankings on my list. Companies with outdated, slow, confusing systems went to the bottom of my list.

There are some companies that offer a bare-bones service for a cheap price, like ZenBusiness and IncFile. However, these services don’t provide premium services, like identity theft protection or help with filing a compliance document. Northwest Registered Agent is a good option for a full-service, premium registered agent in Texas and they have a great customer support team to boot!

Check for Additional Services

A Texas Registered Agent is a person or business that is assigned by a company to receive service of process and other formal correspondence on behalf of the company. It is important to hire a reliable agent because if they fail to perform their duties, the company may be dissolved by the state of Texas.

A commercial registered agent service can help ensure your business stays in good standing with the state by providing you with a physical street address in Texas and scanning documents locally. They can also keep your information private and notify you of compliance deadlines.

For full-service registered agents, I recommend Northwest Registered Agent because they offer low prices and excellent customer service. They are one of the few companies that offer registered agent services in all 50 states. If you’re ready to get started, they can handle all your corporate paperwork for free for the first year. That’s a huge savings.

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