Princess Peach and Bella

Princess Peach and Bella coloring pages for girls

Princess Peach and Bella: From an early age, children are exposed to a lot of colorful worlds around them. And learn to distinguish different colors as soon as possible, the baby will develop more intelligence. Coloring will increase many valuable skills and maximize creativity and imagination. 

Parents, please choose Princess Peach and Bella coloring pages for your little girl. These will be interesting coloring pages waiting for children to explore.

How prevalent are Princess Peach coloring pages with children?

With comprehensive coverage worldwide, the Super Mario series to rescue the princess is no longer a strange name to us. That is also a funny game associated with many people’s childhood. The game has the main character Mario – who has to overcome many obstacles to rescue the princess. Princess Peach’s character has a lot of attention.

We often see the image of the princess with a pink dress. It appears every time Mario successfully overcomes challenges.

Princess Peach is called “The Muse” in the classic game we want to mention.

She is a princess with a prestigious birth from the Mushroom Kingdom. Her main role in the game is usually someone who is kidnapped and needs to be rescued.

Although not appear as much as Mario. But she is built with a kind, noble, innocent princess with a bit of mischievousness.

With that said, the pink dress floats with her long blonde hair, with the addition of a crown. That is one of the very familiar images of Princess Peach. As a popular game for a while, the game is regularly updated with newer versions with more highlights. The image of Princess Peach in each part is also elaborated and suitable for each time.

Princess Peach will also be developed on many different game platforms

For longtime fans of the Super Mario series, Peach is still an aggressive, graceful, and beautiful princess. Although she is a bit harsh with Mario, mentioning Mario is talking about Peach. She is also considered an iconic character in the gaming industry next to Mario. Because of that, many products and series are based on the Peach and Mario franchises, maybe one of them will follow the plot of the original series, but some products will be modified to increase the appeal.

Princess Peach coloring pages will bring exciting pictures for your children

Princess Peach and Bella Coloring Pages will give children new experiences through color, especially for girls. Coloring activities are always loved and exciting for children. Moreover, the Mario game and the characters in the game will not be too strange for us; those images are associated with each person’s childhood. That’s why we think that princess Peach coloring pages will bring joy to children.

Princess Peach coloring pictures are pictures without color, consisting of strokes; children’s task is to create and color to complete those pictures. Children can choose any color they love to color their characters. 

Princess Peach will no longer be a princess with a gorgeous pink dress and blonde hair, but a red dress, blue dress or black hair, and brown hair. Children can entirely create an image of Princess Peach that they love. 

Through coloring activities, children will develop their creativity and show their talent for coloring and using colors. Children can practice concentration and patience when coloring each contour carefully. We hope that Princess Peach coloring pages will give your kids happy moments while participating in coloring. Bella coloring pages are lovely gifts for kids

The story of a beautiful, intelligent girl Bella who falls in love with a Beast

The 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast became one of Disney’s most successful works. The character Belle and the prince turned into a beast have also left an impression on the hearts of millions of children and adults.

The story is about a beautiful girl and a beast boy in the castle. A witch disguised as an old beggar approaches a selfish and cruel prince, hoping to exchange a rose for a night’s sleep in his palace. The prince laughed at the idea and sent the older woman away. As punishment for his coldness and selfishness, the evil witch turned him into a hideous beast and turned his servants into household objects. 

She gave him a magic mirror that could tell what was happening and a rose that would bloom on the prince’s 21st birthday. To break the curse, the prince must learn to love others and be loved back by a girl before the rose petals fall off, or else the prince will have to stay in the form of a beast forever. 

A beautiful young girl named Belle lived in a nearby village with her father, Maurice, an eccentric inventor. Belle has always longed for a new life away from her dull and monotonous town. Her beauty and informal lifestyle attract the attention of everyone in the city, and many boys want to pursue her. 

Princess Peach and Bella the story has let two people who meet and gradually fall in love; the prince undoes their evil selfishness and knows how to love people; Bella also shows love without distance even though the beast has a scary appearance.

The meaningful story of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” is about love and family love

Princess Peach and Bella in the story show love despite not only the distance in appearance and position but also Bella’s father-son love; she sacrifices and accepts to face difficulties in exchange for her freedom dad.

The story of the girl Bella is similar to the beautiful princesses in fairy tales. Bella is gorgeous, intelligent, and kind. Everyone loves her. The story shows the depth of love and family love.

Let’s unleash the creativity of beautiful Bella girl pictures through Bella coloring pages!

Belle coloring pages are a great gift that parents give to preschool children. Children will have the opportunity to develop their thinking ability, concentration, ingenuity, patience, and perseverance through coloring and creating more pictures of this beautiful princess. Parents and teachers, please immediately collect Belle coloring pages so your children can “learn and play” and be happy and healthy daily!

In the Bella coloring pages, her beautiful and charming face has attracted many audiences, including children. Vivid pictures make the children admire them. At the same time, Bella’s kindness, forgiveness, and filial piety also became a shining example for many to study.

Due to the story’s education and profound human meaning, Princess Belle has become the ideal model of beauty, goodness, and undying love. Therefore, the image of Princess Belle is chosen by parents to let their children practice coloring.

Many parents choose princess coloring pages to help girls be creative and have fun. Beautiful images always attract children. Baby will be living in a world of the most magical colors.


Using coloring pictures for children helps children have fun but also helps exercise their brains and sharpness. However, how to choose coloring pages is an essential question for parents. We choose the most suitable coloring pictures depending on the baby’s age, creativity, interests, and gender.

Princess Peach and Bella
Princess Peach and Bella

Princess Peach and Bella coloring is a topic close to girls, loved by many parents. Coloring pictures help children be interested in learning to paint while also letting them recognize the characters in fairy tales. In addition, parents can choose from another unique coloring page at our website: We will update new topics every day.

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