What Makes Your Engagement Ring?

You will never forget the moment when your significant other says yes. Your beautiful engagement ring will symbolise your lifelong love and dedication to them.

However, with the variety of styles and stones in the market, how do you pick the perfect ring for your special person?

Today, there are no rules about jewellery. You can choose something that seems personal and unique as your engagement rings in Melbourne. This makes it all the more important to understand what components make up your token of love.

This article lists the different ring settings you can explore while picking the one for your loved one.

Bling Ingredients

On average, people in Victoria spend more than 14,000 AUD on wedding venues alone. You, too, might be looking forward to planning every tiny detail of your big day. So, remember that your engagement is the first step in this process.

Engagement rings in Melbourne are intricate, and adjusting a small setting can change the whole look of the ring. So, before you pick a ring, you must be familiar with what you can customise to meet your ideal design.

Here is a list of parts that make up your beautiful engagement ring.

Shank and Split Shank

The shoulders of a metal band are called the shank. It is the part right next to the gemstone on either side. A regular shank can be plain metal or have smaller stones leading up to the big one.

In a split shank design, the band on either side of the stone is divided into two as it reaches the central stone.


Prongs are the pieces of precious metal that hold your gemstones on the ring. Usually, they look like metal claws that secure your stones in place. You can also find them in the form of beads around your gemstone.

Most engagement ring designs employ four to six prongs. If you are getting a custom ring in Melbourne, do not ask for less than four prongs to ensure structural integrity.

Additionally, here are some common prong styles that you will find in engagement rings:

  • Basket: These prongs enable you to hold the gemstone in a basket shape while allowing maximum light to pass through it.
  • Trellis: This is an intricate interweaving of prongs to create a secure place to hold the gemstone.
  • Compass point: Four prongs hold the centre stone in place. Each prong is on the stone’s North, East, South, and West side, respectively.


An alternative to the prong style of rings, the bezel envelopes or circles the stone with a thin layer of precious metal and is a more contemporary option than the prongs.


A cathedral setting features two arches that taper towards and frame the central gemstone.

If your faith is a big part of your relationship, or you plan to pop the question in one of the beautiful cathedrals of Melbourne, this is the ring type for you.


The head is the part of the ring that holds the gemstone or diamond. The following are the two types of ring heads you will find in jewellery stores across Melbourne:

  • Peg Head: A peg head is separately soldered onto the ring shank. You can use a peg head to hold a single stone, usually a diamond, a bit higher than the rest of the ring. This setting may use four or six prongs.
  • Integrated Head: The integrated head is cast continuously with the metal band. This makes the central gem sit slightly lower and more in line with the other stone or the band.

Wrapping Up

Picking a ring is all about making choices that resonate with your love. Now that you know the different components you can change around, you are ready to get your engagement rings in Melbourne.

It might take some time, but do not worry. Your perfect engagement ring is out there!

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