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Why Is Cable TV Still One Of The Best Options?

Cable TV
Cable TV

With a hefty sum of bills for cable TV and the rise of streaming services among the crowd, people nowadays are considering getting rid of this ‘cord cable TV’ and hopping on to the bus of the streaming service users.  

Cable TV, no matter how much the new streaming services come, has some pros that no other thing can provide. Some people start using streaming services because they are ‘trendy’ and they need to fit in the new ‘cool’, while some people take these programs, as they might have to watch shows in their free time like when out & about or during traveling. 

Cable TV, In my experience, really has some advantages. They are still a budget-friendly wide variety of host and reliable cable providers out there that give excellent services to cable choosers with multiple channels, on-demand content, streaming on the go, and other things like advanced-level TV remotes. For example, people would choose a great channel lineup with an array of genres to choose from, and the Xfinity channel lineup gives one of the best services with an extensive lineup, existing to make sure that the entire cable experience is worthwhile and lasting.

Make sure that whatever service you take, it must be convenient for you. Consider all the factors first and then go for something that will work for you. If you want to look at what are the benefits that cable TV providers offer you, keep reading the article as I have highlighted them all below.

  • Independent of a “good internet speed”

There’s a high chance that you are dependent on an internet connection to stream your favorite services. Imagine a situation where you come home from a tiring and exhausting day. After doing all the chores and having your meal, you get your drink and get in your bed to finally have some relaxed time. You decide to binge-watch the new episode but when you open your laptop, the internet starts lagging. Thus, ruining the vibe.

A bad internet could be a problem if there are internet outages brought on by bad weather or service provider problems. Additionally, depending on internet connectivity to watch your favorite shows can be difficult, especially during times of high traffic, making cable a superior choice all around.

  • Exceptional Prices

Cable TV has the most exceptional prices to exist. You can combine your internet and cable TV, which will allow you access to Netflix and other services on your Cable TV. Internet of good speed is also available at various cable providers. If you are not availing of this offer, this is your call! 

  • The perks of ‘live streaming and live-action of the shows’

You may be waiting for your favorite Christmas and Easter special episodes or are just curious about the next award show, either the red carpet lives or the Oscars. Are you interested in knowing the winners of this year’s Grammy? 

Several popular shows are only live streamed on cable TV. Though there are clips available on YouTube, they are uploaded after days and those are just clips. Watching the whole show live gives you a wholesome experience and a catch-up on recent entertainment. 

If you are someone interested in LIVE ACTION, Netflix would never be the thing for you. Cable Television provides you with the opportunity of getting live-action and catch up live on all of your favorites. Some cable providers also provide exceptional news and sports packages. So, if you are a sports or live news enthusiast, go for cable television!

  • On-Demand movies and New releases 

Though streaming services provide you with the option of watching whatever and whenever you want to watch your favorites, a VAST library to select from is hindered. There are multiple movies that are not available on Netflix, some are not available on Amazon Prime, and some are on HBO Max. They all provide a selected library.

Cable Companies provide you with a great selection of shows and movies to stream from. Though there is some exclusive content that you may get access to after getting premium packages, there is still everything available on cable television. 

Another amazing benefit that cable television provides is access to new releases. There are a majority of new releases that are not easily made accessible on online streaming platforms. There is a huge library of films on cable television and it may make you show new movies. 

So, if you enjoy watching movies and television shows, and it is your favorite entertainment to do, cutting cable television is a decision you may have to consider again. 

  • Budget-family packages and subscriptions

The costs of subscription fees are rising with time and it may be stressing the consumers. As a cable television user, you get to have a variety of cable subscription packages. The cable companies provide you with already made bundles or the best, some companies provide you with the opportunity to create your bundle that fits your need and budget in pace. As a cable television user, you pay for what you watch and if you want to access premium content, you pay for only the thing and you get access to it.


This article showcased multiple benefits that come with being a user of cable television. If you are thinking of cutting it off, you may have to reconsider your decision and go through these pros. Only then, you will be able to choose a service that fits your needs and wants the best. 

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